New regulations, taxes and fees you need to be prepared for in 2023 (As published by SAVRM -

Summit County 2% Lodging Tax

The 2% lodging tax for areas of unincorporated Summit County goes into affect on January 1, 2023.

This new lodging tax will be applicable to all reservations with stays beginning January 1, 2023.

In addition, the moratorium on new rental licenses within the neighborhood zones of Summit County remains in affect. The Board of County Commissioners is currently in conversations around a potential per bedroom license fee and have retained a third party firm to conduct an analysis and current discussions lead SAVRM to believe a per bedroom licensing fee may be eminent for unincorporated county homeowners. We will keep you apprised as we hear more.

Learn more about the Summit County regulations here.

Breckenridge $756 per Bedroom Fee &
New License Waiting Lists

The per bedroom licensing fee in Breckenridge has increased to $756 per bedroom and will apply to all license renewals issued by the Town of Breckenridge.

If you are in Zones 2 or 3 (the neighborhood zones) in Breckenridge, please make sure to renew your license on time so you do not lose it. If you are unsure of your renewal date, you can contact the Town offices for this information by calling (970) 453-2251.

Waiting List Information
If you own property in Zones 2 or 3, there are waiting lists available to register your name here.

Unsure which zone your property falls into? Click here to view the Breckenridge zone maps.

Dillon Prepares New Lodging Taxes:
4% for ALL Lodging Units + 5% on STRs

Voters in the Town of Dillon passed two new lodging taxes this Fall. While SAVRM campaigned against these campaigns, voters ultimately chose to advance the new taxes into law. 

Dillon's ballot measures 2A and 2B will deliver lodging taxes of 4% (from 2A, on all lodging - hotels, motels, vacation rentals, etc) and 5% (from 2B, specifically on vacation rentals). These new taxes are being presented as ways for the town to fund town core development, among other infrastructure needs.

The Town of Dillon previously had 8.875% sales tax plus a 2% lodging tax, bringing taxes on vacation rentals to 10.875%. With the addition of the new 4% and 5% taxes, vacation rental guests will be paying 19.875% lodging tax beginning on January 1, 2023.

For more information on Dillon's sales tax, click here or email for support.

Frisco: New 5% Excise Tax on STRs and
New Vacation Rental License Cap in Effect

At the spring elections in April 2022, voters in the Town of Frisco promoted a 5% excise tax on vacation rental guests. This new tax brought Frisco's tax from 10.725% up to 15.725% which was effective as of June 1, 2022.

In addition to the new excise tax implemented earlier this year, the Town Council in Frisco voted to pass a vacation rental cap which limits the total number of vacation rental licenses in the Town of Frisco to 25% of all available housing. The current cap is 900 total licenses, of which approximately 855 are currently being utilized.

While there is some room for growth in Frisco, the cap is not far off at 45 remaining available licenses. If you are a new homeowner in Frisco and are interested in securing a vacation rental license, we recommend visiting this link to gather information and prepare your application.

Silverthorne: Caps in Discussion

The Town of Silverthorne is following suit with the rest of Summit County and is currently in discussions surrounding potential caps within the community on vacation rentals.

Current conversations are indicating a proposed 10% cap on vacation rentals in neighborhood zones, with a 50% cap proposed for the commercial zones.

In addition, a 4% excise tax has been passed in Silverthorne which brings lodging taxes on vacation rentals in the town to 6% for overnight guests.

These restrictions are being followed closely by SAVRM, and while these caps still allow room for growth in Silverthorne we are advocating strongly against any caps in Silverthorne. We will continue to keep you apprised as discussions continue, but in the mean time you may view the latest updates by clicking here.