May 6, 2024

NAR Settlement – Real Estate Commissions

On this blustery day in the mountains, I wanted to take a moment to help explain the recent NAR Settlement – Real Estate Commissions

No doubt there are many of you have been reading about the class action lawsuit settlement between the National Assoc of Realtors and the plaintiffs regarding ...

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Sept. 26, 2022

Breckenridge and Summit County real estate market in 2022 and beyond

What to expect for the rest of 2022 and beyond


The last 24 months has certainly been quite the roller coaster in the Summit County real estate market. From the easing of lockdown in June 2020 to the beginning of 2022, the market was on a remarkable upward trend ...

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July 13, 2022

Short Term Rentals Breckenridge - The latest update


It was with some trepidation that I went to the Breckenridge Town Council work session yesterday that amongst other things discussed the short-term rental regulations that have been a focal point of town affairs for over a year.


My previous post dated May 26th 2022 is available here ...

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June 22, 2022

Current state of the real estate market - Breckenridge and Summit County


How's the market? Breckenridge and Summit County


I thought I would write to you about the current state of the real estate market. The last 6 weeks have been a transition period from the market that existed in the prior 18 months. The effect of the short-term rental restrictions, coupled with economic factors such as ...

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May 26, 2022

The current Short Term Rental situation in Summit County

The current Short Term Rental situation in Summit County


The short term rental (STR) `topic in Summit County has been a hot one for the past year or so and current developments mean that this will continue to be the source of discussion and debate for the next 12-18 ...

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Nov. 29, 2021

Summit County Short Term Rental License

Yesterday the Summit County Commissioners approved an ordinance creating a new short-term rental license structure. The Ordinance will go for a final reading and vote on December 16th. If approved, the Moratorium on current permits will expire, and the new Ordinance will take effect. 

If you have questions ...

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Oct. 20, 2021

Breckenridge Grand Vacations Gondola Lot Development

Breckenridge Grand Vacations Gondola lot developmentThe master plan for the proposed Breckenridge Grand Vacations development was approved at its final hearing with the Breckenridge Planning Commission on Tuesday, Oct. 19.
Breckenridge Planning Commission agenda packet/Courtesy rendering

Breckenridge planning commission approved plan submitted by Breckenridge Grand Vacations to the develop the Gondola and Gold Rush ...

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May 28, 2021

Mortgage Rates Dip Back Below 3%

Ultra-low mortgage rates returned this week, with lenders offering home buyers and refinancers a chance once again to lock in a rate below 3%. But the National Association of REALTORS® warns that these low rates in the 2% range won’t last much longer, and mortgage rates likely will edge up ...

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Dec. 8, 2020

October real estate in Summit County

October real estate in Summit County tops last months record with $360M in gross volume and 442 transactions!

  • Market Analysis by Area for October 2020: There were a total of 442 transactions and $360,036,310 in monetary volume. The average transaction price for all 18 reported areas, plus Deed Restricted transactions was ...
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Oct. 8, 2020

Zoom Town - The popularity of Breckenridge and other mountain towns

Zoom Town


There has been a lot of talk in recent months about how the structural shift in the real estate market is playing out geographically. When a trend becomes more engrained in the market it is not unusual for a term to be coined to reference this trend ...

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