Are you thinking about buying a home in Breckenridge? If so, let me offer some great advice as a Breckenridge local and real estate broker. Whilst not an exhaustive list, here are the key topics to consider when considering the purchase of Breckenridge property.

Select a great Breckenridge broker

Firstly, and needless to say the most important in my view, the selection of a broker. Not only has the experience to offer sound and informed advice. But also a realtor who suits your buying style and understands fully your needs and wants. With this in mind, I always recommend that buyers interview their broker and get to know them well.

Have a buying game plan.

Whilst impulse buys are exciting and make us feel good sometimes, the purchase of a mountain home that is often a fair distance from your primary residence, or is your primary residence, deserves in depth research. As I always remind buyers, the best purchases are informed ones that where possible benefit from patience. Write a list of needs and wants and make sure your Breckenridge realtor is fully aware of them and their priorities. The more information you share with your broker the better the outcome.


Take a long hard look at properties.

Set up as many showings as you can and don't be afraid to look at homes that may well be a little outside your budget or what you think is the right fit. It is interesting the amount of times that an 'outlier' property may well be closer to what you were looking for than you thought. If nothing else, viewing a wide spectrum of homes does offer context to your ideal home. If visiting from out of state or from out of town, do not hesitate to set up a second showing. Remember, the second viewing is the one that invariably confirms your initial thoughts. Search listings here.

Understand all the complexities of buying in Breckenridge.

Have an experienced real estate broker represent you throughout the buying process means that you have a professional who can help you navigate everything during the buying process, including;

  • Loan application
  • Property inspection
  • Mold issues
  • Well water
  • Septic systems
  • HOA's
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Rental income forecasts
  • Deed restriction

If you think that now is the time to buy your primary mountain home or your second home retreat, call me on +1 970 389 1654 or Contact me